Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Things to Consider in a Home Stereo Receiver

A home stereo receiver is the heart and the soul of any home theater system. Without a receiver, you just will not have the same sound quality nor will you have the capability to easily switch between all of your entertainment options like your DVD player, your television and your AM FM radio to name a few. Every device you own will work and sound so much better with a home stereo receiver.

You will want to make sure that the receiver you purchase comes with multiple component connections and sound controls. If you want to listen to music not only in the room that your system is in but also simultaneously in other rooms, you will want a receiver with multi-room audio outputs. It should also be a multi source receiver so you can listen to a CD in one room while another person can listen to the radio in another room. You may also want to consider a receiver that has a multi video output.

Some home stereo receivers come with such a variety of features that purchasing one with an on screen display for viewing the current status of the system on a television screen is quite useful. This display will show you the volume level, current source and listening modes, plus other system information.

You might want to consider a receiver with a remote control for ease of use. Make sure that the home stereo receiver you choose comes with at least six channel analog inputs.

If you are looking for a home stereo receiver to use only for a modest music system and do not want all the bells and whistle for a home theater system, you will be able to find some excellent ones for fewer than three hundred dollars.

The Teac AG-790A stereo receiver features A/B switching for two pairs of speakers and has binding post speaker terminals. Its tuner offers 30 AM and 30 PM station presets to store your favorite radio stations. It has four audio inputs: phono, CD, tape and Video/Aux. It has one audio output and two AC outlets. A remote control is included and the receiver is priced at approximately one hundred fifty dollars.

The Sherwood RX-4503 receiver has many of the same features as the Teac with a front panel input for a portable music player and a plug in for an optional Bluetooth receiver. It also features Dolby virtual speaker and Dolby headphone for creating a surround sound experience from two speakers or a pair of headphones. This home stereo receiver is priced at approximately one hundred fifty dollars.

The Denon DRA-297 stereo receiver features 56 station presets and is XM-Ready for addition of a satellite tuner. It also includes a port for an optional iPod docking station. The home stereo receiver has inputs for five audio and three video sources and is priced at approximately three hundred dollars.

If you are looking for a home receiver for a home theater system, some brand names to consider are Sony, Yamaha and Onkyo to name a few. A quick online comparison of features and prices will help to make your decision easier.

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